Transforming Public Safety Through Advanced Airborne Broadband

The Challenge

Wildland firefighters operating in remote, austere areas suffer from limited or no data connectivity. This gap hinders real-time situational awareness, critical decision-making, and team coordination.

In many places we’re using radio systems that have been around for 50 years.

Quotes from 2023 report: Modernizing Wildland Firefighting to Protect Our Firefighters

Modern vs. Outdated Communications

Our biggest hurdle with all these different technologies is what we call our ‘last mile connection.’ How do we get this data to boots on the ground?...The communication infrastructure is just not there.

Our Vision

Bring broadband connectivity and modern applications to every 5000+ acre wildland fire response.

Rangair is committed to overcoming these obstacles by delivering reliable, high-performance broadband directly to the boots on the ground.


Our adaptive broadband network unifies teams with high-throughput, low-latency data, and unwavering connectivity. It is purpose-built for public safety operations in remote areas using state-of-the-art drone and RF technologies

Coverage beams in forest

Pervasive and Resilient High-Performance Connectivity

Rangair delivers consistent, high-throughput communication, even in the heart of wilderness. Typical performance is 100Mbps throughput and 50ms latency, everywhere your teams go.

Operational Empowerment with Modern Tools

Make informed decisions faster and empower your teams with real-time 2-way situational awareness and data-driven insights.Unlock wide-scale full-motion video, personnel location tracking, and real-time map products.

Seamless Integration and Universal Compatibility

Don’t let technology slow you down. Rangair is universally interoperable with all modern Wi-Fi devices, on the ground and in the air.Our long-endurance mid-altitude drones stay out of your way while delivering pervasive coverage from above the aerial stack.


Our powerful airborne wireless platform combines advanced beamforming Wi-Fi radios and antennas, powerful microwave backhaul, and low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite bandwidth. This system delivers strong signal levels with the high throughput and low latency needed for modern applications, typically 100Mbps and 50ms.We deploy these technologies in fault-tolerant configurations and use RF, network, and flight trajectory automation to ensure reliable coverage.Our professional pilots directly manage operations 24/7 on-site. Our UAVs fly at 4000-8000 feet AGL in coordination with Air Attack, avoiding conflicts with other traffic.


While our initial focus is on wildfire response, the Rangair platform can bring broadband connectivity everywhere that public safety teams go.

Wildland Firefighting

Wildland firefighter

Improve safety and efficiency with real-time situational awareness, full-motion video, and location tracking

Search and Rescue

Search and Rescue Team Member

You can trust Rangair to keep your team connected when it matters most, with a resilient airborne network that enables live GPS track sync and Wi-Fi calling everywhere.

Disaster Response

Wildland firefighter

Get adaptive high-performance coverage that follows your teams, bringing clarity after hurricanes, earthquakes, and other widespread disasters that take out cell towers.

Why Rangair

We are pioneering the new best-practice for Public Safety connectivity. Compared with alternatives, Rangair is faster, easier to integrate, and has more reliable coverage.

Direct to Device

Direct to Device Comparison

Rangair connects directly to user phones, tablets, laptops, drones, and other Wi-Fi devices. No bulky, heavy satellite antennas to lug around or set up.

Adaptive Coverage

COW coverage map vs. Rangair coverage map

Rangair's coverage adapts in real-time to follow roving users. This delivers consistent performance far beyond where deployable Cells on Wheels (COWs) can reach.

High Performance

Speed comparison with direct to device satellite connectivity

Rangair delivers 10x more throughput than upcoming space-based cell solutions, enabling data-intensive applications.

Join the Movement

Help us shape the future of public safety connectivity. Reach out if you'd like occasional updates, to get a demo of the platform, or to become an early-access customer.

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